Short Stories by Daniel Chavarría published in Las Tunas

Short Stories by Daniel Chavarría published in Las Tunas

Short Stories by Daniel Chavarría published in Las Tunas

Cuba, Aug, 26 – The Sanlope Publishing House in eastern Las Tunas province has published a book of short stories by Daniel Chavarría in which the writer recreates Ancient Greece.

The book titled Cuentos Clásicos (Classical Short Stories) was recently published as a result of a cooperation project between the Publishing House and the 2010 National Literature Prize winner during a visit to the city last year.

Cuentos Clásicos is made up of 12 short stories, including three unpublished ones especially prepared for the issue, excerpts of chapters of the novel El ojo de Cibeles (Cybeles’ Eyes), versions of the same stories in foreign languages and stories appearing in the anthology El aguacate y la virtud (The Avocado and Virtue).

In the Prologue, the Cuban-Uruguayan writer says that the anthology recreates part of his work which he likes a lot:  Ancient Greece, adding anecdotes and passages that showcases the European country’s cultural geniality and also the contradictions of a society based on slavery.

The also 2002 Edgar Allan Poe Prize Laureate, who is internationally known for his detective stories, has successfully written short stories, a literary genre that, in his opinion, seemed difficult for its shortness and dramatic structure.

Daniel Chavarría was born in Uruguay in 1933 and has lived in Cuba for more than 30 years, where he has developed a literary career that began with the novel Joy,  with which he opened a fruitful period of works and awards, including Italy’s Ennio Flaiano and Havana based the Casa de las Américas Award.

Source: RHC

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