Russia Gives Third Airplane An-158 to Cuba

Russia Gives Third Airplane An-158 to Cuba

Russia Gives Third Airplane An-158 to Cuba

Moscow, Aug 28  –  Cubana Airlines today received in the Moscow International Aerospace Hall MAKS 2013 the third passenger aircraft Antonov An-158 produced jointly by Russia and Ukraine.

Ilyushin Finance Co, Russian construction corporation, made the transfer of specialized aircraft in domestic and regional flights in the presence of Brigadier General Ramon Martinez, president of the Institute of Civil Aeronautics of Cuba.

A sale contract for three aircrafts of that kind with capacity for 97 passengers each was signed in July 2102, and as part of its implementation, the main Cuban airline has already received the two first planes in April and July past year.

Founded in 1929, Cubana de Aviación uses today such equipment to transport passengers to the country’s eastern provinces like Guantanamo and Santiago de Cuba, and the Dominican Republic and Mexico, according to company sources.

Airline executives and Ilyushin Finance Co today singned another understanding for the sale of three aircraft for the next year.

To support these operations, construction corporation and Roseksimbank Vneshekonombank banks signed another contract.

Within the strategy of transforming Russia as international supplier of raw materials, especially oil, the government of the Federation has developed a program to provide financial support to the export of value added products.

An initial contract of the Ukrainian company Antonov and Ilyushin Finance Open Company, Ltd., signed in 2010, provides the delivery of 10 aircrafts of that series to Cuba, according to Kiev sources.

Source: Prensa Latina


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