USA to Hold Events on Cuban 5 Detention

USA to Hold Events on Cuban 5 Detention

USA to Hold Events on Cuban 5 Detention

Washington, September 3  –  At least eight public events will be held on September 11-17 in Washington DC, New York, and Boston to denounce the 15 years of the detention of five Cuban antiterrorist fighters in the United States.

A vigil outside the White House, the beginning of the tour by Canadian writer Stephen Kimber with his book “Lo que hay del otro lado del mar. La verdadera historia de los Cinco cubanos” (What’s on the other side of the sea. The True Story of the Cuban Five), and a lobbying in the Congress, are part of the program.

These actions seek a greater political pressure on Washington to end the injustice, as revealed the International Committee for the Freedom of the Cuban Five, as Gerardo Hernandez Noderlo, Ramon Labañino Salazar, Antonio Guerrero, Fernando Gonzalez Llort and Rene Gonzalez Schewerert are known.

“Protests throughout the world will be held against U.S. embassies” on September 12, the date marking the 15th anniversary of their detention, the solidarity group stated in a statement released today.

The vigil will begin that day at 12 noon “in front of the White House to demand President Barack Obama the immediate release of Gerardo, Ramon, Antonio, and Fernando,” even confined in federal prisons, said the Committee.

Organizations such as All-African People’s Revolutionary Party, African Awareness Association, ANSWER Coalition, Code Pink, DC Metro Coalition to Free the Cuban Five, DC Labor Chorus, International Action Center, Institute for Policy Studies, Socialist Workers Party and Takoma Park Committee to Free the Cuban Five, among others, joined to this call.

The Five had the mission to warn their country of plans that violent groups in South Florida have promoted and financed throughout more than 50 years against the Cuban nation, in most cases with impunity of U.S. authorities.

Source: Prensa Latina

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