Photovoltaic Generating Power Dedicates its Production to Fidel

Photovoltaic Generating Power Dedicates its Production to Fidel

Photovoltaic Generating Power Dedicates its Production to Fidel

Cuba, Sept. 5 – The new Photovoltaic Generating Power from Cienfuegos province it is the only of its type in Cuba which delivered other additional 350 kilowatts to the National Electric System as a gift or contribution to Fidel Castro who is the promoter of those renewable sources of energy.
The local Enterprise of Engineering Services from Cienfuegos, which is part of the Grupo Empresarial (literally, Business Group) of the Minister of Construction, operated recently in the Cantarrana region to conclude the installation of the 2.6 megawatts generating power in nearly five hectares with 14100 panels.

According to the chief of the aforementioned group, Rafael Trujillo González,” it was generated 640 megawatts per hour and it was saved up to 190 tones of fuel for the local economics during the first four months of the starting up of the first generating power battery of one megawatt of capacity.”

“It is a very clean energy which preserves the environment through the generation of electricity by solar panels and without using any other type of fuel. The nation wants to phase in that type of construction next year and it is already being constructed very similar parks in other provinces for the National Electric System.” Rafael Trujillo González said.

“Cienfuegos is constructing the photovoltaic park in a region which neighboring to the Expo Cuba fair ground in Havana city of which its construction started in early August and will concluded in November. It will be also constructed two of them in two municipalities from Cienfuegos like Cruces and Yaguaramas during the current year while it is being planned the electric generation and their assembly process in 2014.” Rafael Trujillo González said.

“Representatives from all the provinces and from the Isla de la Juventud special municipality visited the aforementioned photovoltaic park from Cienfuegos to exchange about some experiences in the investment and construction aspects.” Rafael Trujillo González added.

Trujillo González pointed out that they began in the last month of October, as well as the fact the first megawatt was produced in six months with 50400 solar panels and a average number of 60 workers. It had a considerable saving of concrete in terms of more than one hundred cubic meters.

Regarding the second battery of 1.6 megawatts, there is an increase of 80700 panels and they keep the same working staff.

Trujillo González said: “My best experience on this matter has been the fact that I had never seen before the productivity of this type of photovoltaic panels as part of the additional supply of electricity to the National Electric System. It is a truly new and advanced system with a higher responsibility. It uses panels of electricity which transforms the direct current into the alternating one.”

The local enterprise for the local Hydro-energy production is the official investor of that work with includes a solar generator and its solar panels and other accessories, as well as an little office for the control of its equipments, transformers, wires connected to a substation power, along with a line connected to the National Electric Network.

The abovementioned automatic systems includes, external lighting, a fence, the roads and protective structures.

Source: Radio Rebelde


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