Iranian Television Channel to Open Office in Cuba

Iranian Television Channel to Open Office in Cuba

Iranian Television Channel to Open Office in Cuba

HAVANA, Sep 13Iran television channel Hispantv, first information and entertainment chain in Spanish language of the Middle East, sill soon open an office in Cuba, announced on Thursday in this capital Omar Olazabal, Vice-president of the Cuban Radio and Television Institute.
During the signing o fan agreement that will strengthen cooperation between Iran and the Caribbean island in radio and television, Olazabal asserted that the project has been given green light and that the correspondent’s office will operate with Cuban staff.

The agreement was signed during the Cuba 2013 Radio and Television Festival under way at Havana’s Convention Center, which winds up on Friday. It will serve to renew exchanges between the two nations in that sphere. We can offer consultancy, which will include aspects of dubbing and techniques, explained the Cuban executive.

Iran ambassador to Havana, Ali Chegeni, insisted on the need to face the hegemony of information translational companies, by way of constant work in favor of truth and joint work between nations.

Hispantv, based on Teheran, began to broadcast on December, 2011, with the purpose of strengthening cultural bonds with Spanish speaking countries, and includes a variety of programs, along with slots on political, social and economic interest.

Source: Radio Rebelde

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