Spanish Enterprise Refurbishes Stained Glass Windows in Cienfuegos

Spanish Enterprise Refurbishes Stained Glass Windows in Cienfuegos

Spanish Enterprise Refurbishes Stained Glass Windows in Cienfuegos

Cienfuegos, Sep 13 – The Vidrieras Barrio S.L enterprise from the Spanish region of Burgos is refurbishing the cathedral of Cienfuegos city through a project of the local diocese and the city curator office.
The process of repair of up to fifteen stained glass windows from 1871 that were made halfway through the XIX century by the Swiss master Jean Jules Gaspard (1814-1904), who was the president of the Society of Artists and Painters and Glaziers of France, has a great historical and artistic importance.

The process of restoration included the creation of a workshop in Cienfuegos province to train Cuban young people in that occupation who will collaborate in the work of restoration of the city’s cathedral.

Spanish Enterprise Refurbishes Stained Glass Windows in Cienfuegos

Spanish Enterprise Refurbishes Stained Glass Windows in Cienfuegos

With that initiative, the aforementioned enterprise passes on the knowledge to the other side of the Atlantic after having accumulated nearly 45 years of professional work and experience and after having restored the Cathedrals from Burgos, Astorga and Menorca, among other works of refurbishment with a high heritage, historical and artistic value.

With the participation of the Vidrieras Barrio enterprise in the Cathedral of Cienfuegos, the enterprise from Burgos begins an activity which passes on knowledge about restoration through some places worldwide.

The Purísima Concepción Cathedral, which was built on December 8th, 1869, is located at the city’s historical center that was even declared as a cultural heritage of mankind since the month of July in 2005.

There are twelve glass windows out of the 15 stained glass windows, which has the image of the Apostles and six of them are placed on either side of the main building at a 7-meter height. Moreover, one of them is on the rear wall of the choir section with the Cristo Rey image (Christ) and two ones in the presbytery section.

Workshop school in Cuba

As a way to recognize properly the local stained glass windows heritage, it will be opened a workshop school at the Joseph Tantet educational center from that city which will be supervised by the artist and glazier professor, Enrique Barrio from Burgos.

It has been recommended the creation of a workshop school with the proper technical team and material for the design and carrying out of the artistic stained glass windows in view of the works of preservation and restoration of the historical glass windows.

The specialization of the students will be monitored by the Spanish professors and once the students were qualified for the activity, then they will work at the local historical works and even under the supervision of the working team from the Vidrieras Barrio enterprise restoration workshop.

The students of the school will also carry out exercises designed for their technical improvement of their own creations, as well as the plan of restoration or they will even work on other works of the city.

The historical stained glass windows: a pictorial specialty

According to the information sent to me by Enrique Barrio, the historical stained glass windows are masterpieces. It is a pictorial specialty which reflects the needs of the architecture of each period, as well as the reflection of the history and culture of the society that built them.

As it is said at the abovementioned enterprise: we should understand and see that the stained glass windows as a fragile heritage that needs specific measures of preservation to keep it, so it is necessary the awareness about the values and the usefulness of the rich heritage, taking into consideration the artistic, technical and documental characteristics.

It is being studied the physical and chemical behavior of the material elements and the causes of the degradation, treatments and measures for control which allow to improve the micro-climatic conditions, programs of evaluation and design of projects for restoration, as well as the related plans about the stained glass windows, the analysis of inventories and the proper classification.

The Vidrieras Barrio enterprise makes its contribution in terms of the announcement of important scientific discoveries and promotes the programs which are aimed at increasing the related knowledge and the spreading of the heritage. Moreover, it participates in congresses, courses and the commission of temporary exhibitions of historical glass windows.

Source: Radio Rebelde


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