The Educa a tu Hijo Program Shows Excellent Result in Cuba

The Educa a tu Hijo Program Shows Excellent Result in Cuba

The Educa a tu Hijo Program Shows Excellent Result in Cuba

Cuba, Sep 13 – The Cuban Women Federation carries out policies which are aimed at achieving the total woman social equality through all the aspects and levels of the society. Moreover, the fact of giving its contribution to the training and formation of the new generations is among its goals.
It was created in August 1960; this mass organization is mainly aimed at incorporating the woman into the society and its jobs. Its work of coordination can be observed in the implemented programs through the state-run diverse local ministries and institutions.

The Educa a tu hijo Program is another of the actions designed for the social benefits and a priority for the aforementioned social organization.

Luz Divina Contreras Izquierdo is one of the creators of this project in the local Alamar municipality. The project is aimed at providing the educational training for girls and boys aged two or five years old who were not attending to the infantile centers due to diverse causes and as a consequence of the fact that their mothers were unemployed or there was not registrations for them.

At present, Luz Divina Contreras Izquierdo teaches for 20 children through the local non-official educational variant in Alamar and it is right there where they learn some skills to paint drawings and other paintings, as well as the geometrical figures, the number, colors, lessons about oral expression, conferences about the world where we all live, including the importance of the vegetables and root vegetables in the meals and the preservation of the environment and local beaches.

“In addition, the organization has it own social workers who try to achieve the participation of mothers and their families in the different educational and recreational activities which prepare the children and their families for their complete incorporation into the reality of the school.” PhD. Héctor Eddy García Peña who is the father of one of the girls attending to the lessons given by Luz Divina ursdays, pointed out.

The father of a girl named Brenda acknowledges the positive influence of the abovementioned program for his girl, taking into consideration that she had not any chance of being registered at the local infantile center. She is the only girl who live with old people; hence, the gratitude to this teacher who shows lots of devotion even though she is 74 years old.

My daughter seems to be different now and she is already playing with the rest of the children; besides, she has much better and coherent answers, so I do hope that she could pass her preschool level with flying colors.

Brenda García Roche is a little girl who is already thanking the existence of the Cuban Federation of Women and the Educa a tu hijo program, particularly. She knows how to count until the number 10 and she recognizes the geometrical figures, narrates traditional stories and even her oral expression has improved a lot.

Luz Divina Pastora is the founder of the Cuban Women Federation. She was a delegate to the Eighth Congress and she is now elected for the Ninth Congress. She is tireless as a teacher in Alamar and she recommends the families to recover the learning of the hand-made works not only for girls but also for boys as they sometimes spend many days listening to the music in front of the television sets and watching soup operas which do not gives good messages to them; however, it is usually offered hairdressing courses, computer course, barber courses, hand-made textiles, among other ones at the local Familial Orientation centers.

Source: Radio Rebelde


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