The Cuban Five Send a Message of Hope to Supporters

The Cuban Five Send a Message of Hope to Supporters

The Cuban Five Send a Message of Hope to Supporters

Havana, Sep 13  –  The Cuban Five, held in U.S. prisons for the last 15 years, sent messages of hope to their supporters, encouraging the fight to free four of the men who have yet to be released.

At a special concert in the Cuban capital on Thursday night marking the 15th anniversary of the arrest of the Five, René González said that his compatriots were still in prison “for the crime of defending human life.” René González is the only one of the Five who has been released.

The other four continue serving prison sentences of up to two double life terms for fighting terrorism.

“They remind us that their spirits cannot be broken by all the bitterness that the most powerful government in human history has brought against them,” said González, who spent 13 years in prison and a period of supervised release. He was allowed to remain in Cuba in exchange for renouncing his U.S. citizenship.

In consecutive phone calls transmitted to thousands of people gathered in the Anti-imperialist Plaza in Havana, Gerardo Hernandez, Ramon Labañino, Antonio Guerrero and Fernando Gonzalez spoke to the people for whose well-being they sacrificed themselves.

Hernandez also greeted the many musicians who joined the cause for the return of the Five, and said that the years have not and will not make a dent in his certainty that the Five will someday will be reunited on that same platform.

Fernando Gonzalez, as well as Labañino, affirmed that three decades of colossal injustice had not been enough to break their will to resist, and that nothing would.

Tony Guerrero shared his poetry and quotes from José, saying that when he died, it would be “with his face to the Sun.”

Source: Prensa Latina

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