Camagüey Takes New Challenges in the Care of Infertile Couples

Camagüey Takes New Challenges in the Care of Infertile Couples

Camagüey Takes New Challenges in the Care of Infertile Couples

Camagüey, Sept 16 – In order to ensure specialized care to infertile couples from the primary health care level to the second one, Camagüey province is bracing for re-arranging such services.   

The strategy involves outpatient clinics and hospital consultations in which endocrinologists and gynaecologists are working together in multidisciplinary groups to reach the first phase of diagnosis.

This initiative seeks to ensure health care provision and pregnancy monitoring, as well as to offer the best service to infertile couples in practices held in each health area.

Aside from performing varicocele surgery and providing medical treatment to people with diabetes and other complications, Camagüey highly qualified medical personnel is also using microsurgery to reach definitive diagnosis and cure.

From the above it is clear that the main biological problem which causes low birth rates, male and female infertility, can be preventively treated with a high quality.

Among the main therapeutic alternatives to treat infertility, patients can be submitted to in- vitro fertilization and be beneficiaries of a pre-implantation genetic diagnosis, considered a cornerstone in this kind of treatment.

The aforementioned procedures are done in Havana’s specialized facilities.

Researches conducted by the National Committee for Sexual and Reproductive Health confirm that couple infertility affects from 10 to 15 percent of Cuba’s reproductive age population.

For such a reason, a wide range of educational projects are being carried out at present to solve this problem, given that fertility and reproduction are crucial for the family and the whole society.

Source: Radio Cadena Agramonte


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