Omega3: a New Cuban Cinema Project

Omega3: a New Cuban Cinema Project

Omega3: a New Cuban Cinema Project

Havana, Sept 20 –  Never satisfied with convention, Eduardo del Llano gets a new project ready confirming him as a sui generis creator in Cuban cinematography: believe it or not, the satirical character Nicanor O’Donnell’s father will make a science fiction movie. And the funny thing is that he is serious about it…
Successful writer of deeply humorous stories, film director of Vinci movie and the acerbic saga of short films starred by the ineffable Nicanor, Del Llano is based on an unpublished story of his own to film Omega 3.

Rated by the specialist Leanny Painted as an initiatory work of sci-fi in Cuban cinema, the argument takes place in any century in a nonspecific country, and reflects on the future of humanity by appealing to resources such as exaggeration.

From the start and still under prefilmación, the film has two points in its favor: it is a precursormovie and has tackled a genre that so far the Cuban filmmakers never were interested in, either for lack of resources, or due to its disconnection from reality.

As reported by Pintado to Prensa Latina, in the vast Cuban cinematography, science fiction simply built just one segment of the film, as in Madrigal (Fernando Perez, 2006).

Unlike Cuban television, which bequeathed a rare classic of the genre as Shiralad (1993), the Cubanfilm has just fantasized with fables as Tropical Dreamand Alice in Wonder Town, with a script written by Del Llano.

Creator of the extinct literary and theatrical groupNos-y-Otros (Us-and-Others), Del Llano has a solid career as a writer of deeply metaphorical films, which break his image of humorist, such as Life is to Whistle (1998).

In fact, despite being a wildly hilarious and acerbic author, Del Llano does not like to belimited to the serious world of humor, though he knows that everyday life can be so absurd that leaves no choice but to face it with a laugh, even resigning oneself.

In his first feature film he traveled to the past, to the Renaissance, but now he jumps to the future, since science fiction genre was great for him to deal with the issue concerning him.

“Omega 3 is about the human problem of food, a topic certainly unusual in Cuban cinema story lines, but I want to innovate even if the result fails. Anyway, I did not do more of the same,” he said.

He is very well-educated: voracious reader, Del Llano confessed that as a child he read books like The Crew of the Mekong, byVoiskunski and Lukodianov, Guianeya, byGeorgyMartynov, and the famous Andromeda Nebula, by Ivan Efremov.

Even now he watches Finnish and American films to learn about costumes, props and effects, all that serves as a reference to enrich his inspiring story.

In keeping with that, he recruited as art director to Rafael Zarza, whose drawings of ships, offices and various objects attracted his attention, although Del Llano relied on part of his team in Vinci again.

The actors playing the leading roles are Carlos Gonzalvo and Dailenys Fuentes, and the antagonist HectorNoas, who won fame as an android in the aforementioned seriesShiralad.

He is hoping spectatorscan grasp the metaphor of the Omega 3 story, and “that visual effects are not looked by them over their shoulders, owing to befrom third world, because we are trying to create a competitive visualitywith few resources,” he said.

Being a pioneer of science fiction in Cuba poses a great challenge, but if Eduardo del Llano got his character Nicanor O’Donnell voted against in a meeting, anything is possible with him.

* Journalist of Prensa Latina News Agency´s Culture Editorial Department.

Source: Prensa Latina


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