Cuba to Increase Salaries in Sports Sector

Cuba to Increase Salaries in Sports Sector

Cuba to Increase Salaries in Sports Sector

Havana, Sep 27  –  Cuba will increase salaries and benefits in its sports sector, a decision adopted by the Council of Ministers as a necessary step, despite the difficulties that the country is undergoing which have been worsened by the current world economic crisis.

According to the Granma newspaper, this measure has as its essential objective an improvement in current salaries for personnel connected to sports and will come into force in January, 2014, although in the case of baseball, it will be implemented when the National Series begins in November, 2013.

New steps will be taken in coming months to improve this sector, generate income sources, seek quality and rigor in competitions, increase salaries gradually and guarantee that everybody receives what they deserve, according to the work they perform, Granma said.

A high-performance athlete is one that is entirely devoted to practicing a specific sports discipline and his/her income depends on the results attained.

In the case of work abroad, participation in the main yearly competitions held in Cuba would be taken into consideration, the newspaper says.

Monthly payments in CUC, “foreign currency or convertible pesos, currently received by active and retired coaches, for medals won” and other payments in CUP (the Cuban peso, national currency) will be added.

Granma also says that this way, retribution based on the socialist principle: “from each according to his/her capability and to each according to his/her work,” will reach its highest expression after competitive results, as agreed to at the 5th Conference of the Cuban Communist Party.

Later, when the athlete is not active in sports, he/she will receive as a worker an additional payment as acknowledgement, which will be taken into consideration to calculate the social security payment to be received after retirement, Granma said.

An annual hiring system will be established in the country, authorized by the National Federation of the sport practiced by the athlete, replacing the sports license.

The policy approved by the Council of Ministers proposes establishing six sports categories based on performance, according to which basic monthly income in CUP will be established for active high-performance athletes.

This policy, according to Council of Ministers Vice President Marino Murillo Jorge, is the result of a diagnosis that, among other problems, showed wide diversity in the legal regulations that currently rule the sector in the country.

Source: Prensa Latina


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