Gender and Culture Festival to Be Held in Havana

Gender and Culture Festival to Be Held in Havana

Gender and Culture Festival to Be Held in Havana

Havana, Sep 30  –  The Festival Ellas Crean, Cuba 2013 to be held in Havana is aimed at presenting a cheerful view of gender issues showing the good things that has been achieved in spite of obstacles and discrimination.

In an interview with Prensa Latina, Pablo Platas, cultural counselor of the Spanish Embassy here, said that along with the Cuban Ministry of Culture they are intended to value the female creativity in any field.

From October 9 to 19, we will show what women from both countries have made in the fields of arts, literature and education, he said.

Inspired by a festival with the same name held in Spain since 2005, the Cuban version not only celebrates women´s success, Platas said.

Talking about gender issues goes beyond thinking about women and inequalities, as men also begin to question and develop new perspectives on manliness, he said. He said the festival was motivated by the various projects implemented in Cuba that make the culture-gender couple to be easy to understand.

We have only led, he said, the ideal context to bring together the initiatives undertaken by the Cuban institutions and some artists individually.

The festival includes film screenings, concerts, exhibitions, workshops, lectures, courses and theater and dance performances. The event will be held at the capital, the southern province of Cienfuegos, and Camaguey and Holguin (East).

Source: Prensa Latina


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