Revolution Commander Ramiro Valdes Tours Reconstruction Works in Eastern Cuba

Revolution Commander Ramiro Valdes Tours Reconstruction Works in Eastern Cuba

Revolution Commander Ramiro Valdes Tours Reconstruction Works in Eastern Cuba

Santiago de Cuba, Sep 30  – Commander of the Revolution Ramiro Valdés, member of the Communist Partys Political Bureau and Vice-president of the Councils of State and Ministers, paid a visit to works underway in a Southeaster coastal highway, in Granma province and other social and economic development projects in the Santiago de Cuba.
The 162-kilometer-long coastal highway, an impressive road that borders the highest mountains in Cuba as they plunge into the blue Caribbean sea, is under repairs after suffering very serious damage during the passage of hurricane Sandy last year.

It provides a swift link that serpents along the southern coast of Santiago de Cuba westwards towards Granma Province, and provides an easy outlet to mountain communities high in the southern historic Sierra Maestra range.

The highway is being reinforced with concrete in order to allow it to resist the constant battering of the Caribbean sea, and includes no less that 400 concrete bridges and reinforcements allowing it to cross over rivers and streams plunging down to the blue Caribbean from high in the Sierra Maestra range.

In Santiago de Cuba, the top Cuban Government official visited a plant supplying prefabricated parts for home construction in the city, also severely damaged by hurricane Sandy.

The plant counts on the support of an Ecuadorean Army Brigade working in the construction of homes gallantly donated by the Government and people of that South American nation as their contribution to mitigate the damages caused by that devastating tropical storm.

At a meeting with Communist Party leaders and workers in construction work, Commander Valdés insisted in the need to follow a strict organizational plan, with adequate work forces, the opportune supply of inputs and a proper monetary reward for a job well done.

A photovoltaic park under construction in the Abel Santamaria district was also visited by the high Cuban Official, who was informed that this project will begin generating electricity for the districts consumption by October 10 next.

The new water system and other projects aimed at improving the quality of life in Santiago de Cuba were also visited and reviewed.
The high Cuban leader was accompanied by Lazaro Expósito, the First Secretary of the Communist Part in Santiago de Cuba province, whose outstanding leadership is reflected in the swift advance of construction and social projects in that Eastern Cuban territory.

The Chairwoman of the National Institute of Hydraulic Resources, Mrs. Inés Chapman, and the Ministers of Construction and of Energy and Mines, Rene Mesa and Alfredo López, respectively, also accompanied the high Cuban official in his review of work in Santiago de Cuba province.

Source: ACN

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