New Limited Edition of Habanos, a Novelty for Smokers

edicion-limitada-de-habanosHavana, Oct 4 – The announcement of a new Limited Edition of Habanos brought a special boost today to sales of Cuba”s Premium hand-rolled cigars. A statement from the corporation Habanos SA on Thursday said that it had launched the third 2013 Limited Edition based on the Romeo de Luxe, of the Romeo y Julieta.

Habanos Limited Editions are awaited every year by enthusiasts worldwide, known for their vitolas (sizes) that do not appear in the usual range of the brand portfolio, and they are distinguished by a careful selection of their leaves, the company press release said.

The leaves, wrapper, filler and binder, have been aged for a period of at least 2 years.

The wrapper leaves for these shade grown tobacco plants, and they are usually darker than the wrappers of regular sizes.

Romeo de Luxe in particular, is a vitola specially selected for this Limited Edition 2013.

It measures 52mm in diameter and 162 in length, and its factory name is Capuleto. It is a heavy gauge cigar, with an excellent draw and balanced flavor, as indicated in its profile sheet.

This edition gradually reaches outlets all over the world, specifically the franchise Casa del Habano, in a special box of 10 units.

Source: Prensa Latina


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