Cuba Calls for Efforts to Fight Illiteracy in the World

unesco-logo1Havana,Oct 5 – Cuban ambassador to the United Nations Education, Science and Culture Organization (UNESCO), Maria de los Angeles Florez, called for bigger education efforts in the world, where there are millions of illiterate persons.

While some advancement was achieved with regards to the objectives pursued by world literacy initiatives like Education for All in the period 2003-2012, we are still far off from the goals we are committed to, said Florez at the 192nd UNESCO Executive Council.

The UN General Assembly adopted an initiative to increase by 50 percent literacy indicators for 2015 and improve the quality of education, but the most recent UNESCO statistics talk about 774 million illiterate adults in our world.

The Cuban diplomat called on UNESCO member nations to take new actions and use methods like the literacy program “Yes, I Can,” which has been implemented in 28 countries of Latin America, Africa and Asia.

The advancement and challenges posed on education and the suggestions made to improve educational levels by 2015 are at the center of discussions by the UNESCO Executive Council meeting underway till October 11.

Source: ACN

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