Article in The Washington Post Says Cuban Five Would Be Heroes in the U.S.

USA to Hold Events on Cuban 5 Detention

Washington, October 7 — The Washington Post on Friday, October 4, published a report on the case of the Cuban Five. The report concluded that if they had been Americans, they would be considered as heroes.

“Consider for a moment what would happen if American intelligence agents on the ground in a foreign country uncovered a major terrorist plot, with enough time to prevent it. And then consider how Americans would react if authorities in that country, rather than cooperate with us, arrested and imprisoned the U.S. agents for operating on their soil.

“Those agents would be American heroes,” the Washington Post op/ed article went on to say: “The U.S. government would move Heaven and Earth to get them back.”

The opinion article was entitled: “The Cuban Five were fighting terrorism. Why did we put them in jail?,” and was written by Stephen Kimber, who teaches journalism at the University of King’s College in Halifax, Canada. He is the author of the book “What Lies Across the Water: The Real Story of the Cuban Five.”

The opinion piece also mentions Luis Posada Carriles, who masterminded the terrorist sabotage in mid-air of the Cubana airlines plane in Barbados, on October 6, 1976. That terrorist action claimed the lives of all 73 persons aboard. The same Posada also was behind several plots to kill President Fidel Castro.

The Washington Post article states that Posada Carriles, an open and vociferous proponent of terrorism, is free in Miami, and this is a flagrant contradiction of the official U.S. Government policy that sent five Cubans to U.S. jails precisely for struggling against terrorism.

Source: RHC

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