Cuba Pays Tribute to Victims of Terrorism

barbado-guardia-honor-archivoHavana, October 7 — On October 6th every year, Cuba holds a day of mourning in remembrance of the 73 victims in the Cubana airlines plane and of the thousands of other victims of U.S sponsored terrorist activities against the country and its leaders.

Representatives of many generations of Cubans paid homage this Sunday to the victims of U.S. sponsored terrorism with ceremonies at cemeteries in the country where they are buried.

In Havana, a major ceremony was held at the city’s Colon Cemetery, where wreaths were deposited at the Panteon of the Cuban Revolutionary Armed Forces, where many of them have been laid to rest.´

In the presence of Cuban Government and Communist Party leaders, one of the speakers was Wilfredo Perez, son of one of the pilots of the Cubana airliner destroyed in Barbados on October 6, 1976, by a bomb placed on the orders of Luís Posada Carriles, the terrorist who freely walks the streets of Miami.

Wilfredo Perez recalled that the authors of this and many other crimes of terrorism against Cuba still proudly brag about their criminal actions, while those who tried to stop them, which is what the Cuban Five did, are persecuted and jailed for monitoring terrorist activities.

Ceremonies all over Cuba were held in memory of the 73 dead Cubana passengers and of many other victims of U.S. sponsored terrorist actions against Cuba.

Source: RHC


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