Santiago de Cuba to Host World Meeting of Architects and Engineers

santiago-de-cubaSantiago de Cuba, October 8 — According to architect Cesar Garrido, President of the Cuban National Union of Architects and Construction engineers, Architects and engineers from many corners of the world will meet in Santiago de Cuba as it plays hosts on 10 to 13 October to the International Forum devoted to Tourism and the City, among other subjects.

The meeting will analyze new strategies devised in Cuba by the tourist industry to focus on architectural, cultural and historic values adding them to the traditional sand and sun appeal.

Garrido said that the historic, architectural and cultural beauties of cities have been insufficiently promoted up to now, and they will meet in Santiago de Cuba to improve what they consider to be essential in a wider tourist appeal.

Santiago de Cuba has many such attractions, the Cuban architect said, including beaches, historic fortresses by the sea, the former French coffee plantations in the Eastern Cuban mountains not forgetting the incomparable San Pedro rock, at the mouth of the bay of Santiago de Cuba.

Source: RHC

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