Cuba Promotes Use of Solar Power for Alternative Energy Source

energia-solarPinar del Rio, October 11 — Solar panels assembled at the Che Guevara electronics industrial complex of western Pinar del Rio province are now in use at the several solar energy parks under construction and already in service.

The panels are fully weatherproofed, and have an estimated service life of twenty five years if the minimum maintenance prescribed by the manufacturer is done. Solar cells slowly loose their conversion efficiency, and that is why although still useful after a quarter of a century in service, it is recommended that they be replaced and sent to a properly equipped recycling facility.

In Guantanamo, at the extreme eastern end of the island of Cuba, the nation´s latest solar electricity generating park is now starting to provide service, even though it is still under construction. This is a remarkable achievement, that was made possible by the modular nature of the facility. Engineers programmed the construction so that as soon as the first module was ready it could be synchronized with the national electricity grid, supplying power every day, while the other modules are now in the process of being installed.

A similar process was followed at the Santa Clara and Cienfuegos solar energy parks, that are now in full service. Similar modular installations are soon to be completed in several other Cuban provinces and the special municipality of the Isle of Youth.

Regarding the special municipality, as soon as the solar power park is finished it will be the first region of the country to obtain power from both wind and solar sources.

Source: RHC


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