Cubans Remember Independence War Against Spain

alzamiento-la-demajagua-carlos-manuel-de-cespedesHavana, October 11 — A solemn ceremony was held in Havana at the monument to honor Carlos Manuel de Cespedes, the rich sugar mill and plantation owner in eastern Cuba who, on October 10, 1868, freed his slaves and began the struggle against Spanish colonial rule.

Floral arrangements were placed at the monument sent, among many others, by Fidel Castro, the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution, and Cuban President Raul Castro, paying homage to the great independence leader, who was also the first president of the Republic of Cuba in Arms.

A speech by Eusebio Leal, the Havana City historian, recalled the saga begun on a day like today 145 years ago by Carlos Manuel de Cespedes, and the fact that Cuba is now totally free from any foreign domination.

Thousands of students, school children, women and men gathered at the Havana plaza to pay grateful homage to the Father of Cuban independence.

This year, the celebrations included the reopening of the La Demajagua National Park, which among its new artistic pieces shows a life-size statue of Carlos Manuel de Cespedes, the Father of Cuban Homeland.. Cespedes was a sugar mill and plantation owner who, 145 years ago, decided to free his slaves and take arms against Spanish colonialism.

Source: RHC


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