It’s Hard to Recall Antonio behind Bars on his 55 Birthday

Antonio Guerrero

Antonio Guerrero

Cuba, Oct 16  –  Colleagues of Cuban Antonio Guerrero expressed their regret to know that their friend and former co-worker is turning 55 years old today in a US prison for having fought terrorism, along another four Cubans.
The founder of Brazil’s Ethos Institute Ricardo Young told the economists that the traditional capitalist system is destroying the planet and thwarting the hopes of human beings to survive.

Young told delegates from 26 countries and 10 international organizations that the world needs a sustainable economic model that lowers the ecological impact and provides happiness, which not only depends on the countries’ gross domestic product.

He said that two and a half planets will be necessary for 2050 to meet the demands for development, since environmental deterioration caused by the current system producing wealth has compromised quality of life.
The Congress on Economic Management opened Tuesday at Havana’s Conventions Center.

Source: ACN

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