Strange Eclipse to Turn Day into Night

Strange Eclipse to Turn Day into Night

Strange Eclipse to Turn Day into Night

Washington, Oct 22  –  The Moon will cover the Sun totally on November 3, during a so-called “hybrid solar eclipse”, a phenomenon that only occurs 10 times in a single century.

Astronomers say that this hybrid solar eclipse will start as an annular eclipse, and later, it will become a total eclipse for a while and much later, turn into an annular eclipse again. That is why it is called “hybrid.”

Depending on the part of the world from it will be seen, spectators will see an annular, a partial or a total eclipse.

Regions of North and Central America and part of the northern part of South America, will only be able to see a partial eclipse.

The countries at the south of South America will not be able to see the phenomenon in its entire magnitude.

An annular eclipse occurs when the Moon is a little farther from the Earth than normal, the Moon is seen smaller, and places just in front of the Sun. Because of its smaller size, it does not cover the Sun completely, and a spectacular ring of fire (the edge of the Sun that can be seen) is observed in the sky.

On the other side, the total eclipses of the Sun are those in which the Moon hides the Sun completely, and the night occurs even in broad daylight.

But in the day of the eclipse, the width of the shadow produced by the Moon will only be of 36 miles wide. That is why the duration of the total eclipse will be quite short and fast.

Thirty-five percent of all the solar eclipses have been classified as partial, 32 percent as annular and 28 percent as total.

Source: Prensa Latina


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