Colloquium for the Five will Take to the Streets

Colloquium for the Five will Take to the Streets

Colloquium for the Five will Take to the Streets

Holguín, Oct, 26  –  The 9th International Colloquium for the Liberation of the Cuban Five, which will be held from next November 13 to 17 in this city, will become an exceptional opportunity to show people’s initiatives to support the cause of the Five on the streets and communities of Holguín, according to reports from the colloquium’s last preparatory meeting.

Over the last ten years Holguín has been a fertile space to promote ideas, actions,  increase friendships, and break away from the media silence.

In addition to the traditional participation of people from Holguín City, and the five municipalities around the city, this time the movement counts on the active participation of  the university students who will host foreign participants from all over the world, and will hold meetings with them on the second day of the Colloquium.

Other student organizations like the Federation of High School Students (FEEM) and José Martí Young Pioneer’s Organization (OPJM) will also call for the liberation of the Five from the so-called Tents for Peace, which are spaces to express and achieve a fraternal exchange among delegates through art and literature activities.

Source: Juventud Rebelde

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