Rejection at UN to Blockade on Cuba, A Uncomfortable Day for USA

Rejection at UN to Blockade on Cuba, A Uncomfortable Day for USA

Rejection at UN to Blockade on Cuba, A Uncomfortable Day for USA

United Nations, Oct 30  –  The United States lived yesterday a uncomfortable day at UN, when 188 of its 193 member countries demanded again the end of the blockade imposed to Cuba.

Only Israel accompanied Washington in its isolation to the highest UN body, where for 22nd consecutive years, the international community has called for lifting the economic, commercial, and financial blockade maintained for more than 50 years, and which has caused damage to that Caribbean island estimated by Havana at more than one billion USD.

The universal rejection was reflected in a resolution that calls for the respect of International Law and the UN Charter, a text on which Micronesia, Marshall Islands, and Palau abstained in the new vote.

The principles of the sovereign equality of the states, the non-intervention or interference in its internal affairs, and the freedom of trade and navigation -all of them violated by the U.S. blockade- stand out among those mentioned in the document to support the end of the siege.

The modern voting system implemented at the General Assembly allowed the vote in hardly 40 seconds, however, representatives of the White House in the forum had to listen to three hours of complaints, criticisms, and recommendations made by entities and countries.

The Community of Latin American and Caribbean States, the Non-Aligned Movement, the African Group, the G-77, the CARICOM, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, Angola, Algeria, Argentina, Belarus, Brazil, China, India, Mexico, South Africa, Venezuela, and Vietnam were among the blocks and states that addressed the Assembly.

Words rejecting the Washington blockade such as: genocide, criminal, inhuman, illegal, with no place in the 21th century, anachronism, and contrary to international law and the UN Charter, were heard from the podium.

In turn, Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez denounced the strengthening of the sanctions by the current administration, with data showing an increased persecution to the financial transactions of the island.

Despite the U.S. hostility, Rodriguez expressed the Havana will to move towards the normalization of the bilateral relations from a serious, constructive and equal dialogue that respect its independence.

Source: Prensa Latina

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