Generations of broadcasters exchanged experiences in Florida

Generations of broadcasters exchanged experiences in Florida

Generations of broadcasters exchanged experiences in Florida

Written by: Humberto Guevara

Florida, Oct 31st  – Members of the Union of Young Communists (UJC) in the Florida´s  Radio station  organized an exchange of experiences between veterans and the young generation to learn about the radio in this city and the role of those who made possible its existence since November 2nd , 1969.
A brief review of the first steps in the Florida´s radial   work in the 40s, its consolidation until the early ’60s, and its subsequent disappearance, were the issues addressed by the younger as well as the founders of the current station .

The story told from the point of view of a host and how much is needed to improve  quality, was heard in the voice of experimented workers such as Maribel Nogueira, who reflects the desire, dedication and love of those who work in Radio.

The journalist Francisco Sierra, equipment operators  Carlos Gonzalez and Enrique Garcia, as well as the retired receptionist Encarnacion Gavilan, spoke of their role in previous decades, the effects of the special period, efforts to establish programs workplace, and the interest and discipline to make a better message each day.

In the meeting, organized by the UJC, older shared their experiences and showed their desire to contribute more effectively to the formation of new generations of broadcasters in the country.

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