Cuba Hosts Int’l Conference on Educational Sciences

Cuba Hosts Int'l Conference on Educational Sciences

Cuba Hosts Int’l Conference on Educational Sciences

Camagüey, Cuba, Nov 4  –  The 22nd International Conference on Educational Sciences begin sessions today at the Ignacio Agramonte University in this eastern city, with the participation of teachers from Cuba, Mexico, Ecuador, the Dominican Republic, and Spain.

In statements to Prensa Latina, Professor Maria Teresa Machado, member of the organizing committee, stated that three symposiums will take place in this event until Nov. 7 at the higher education center of this city, some 570 kilometers east of Havana.

Among the subjects to be debated are: Education in school and the University, Link of mathematics teaching with educational technology, and teacher training, as well as Management, and Curriculum design.

Master lectures, by scientists Agustin Belarran, from the Autonomous University of Madrid, and Maria Teresa Machado and Roberto Portuondo Padron, from the province of Camagüey, are expected to be given in the morning sessions of this forum.

The program also includes the implementation of tuition-free courses on curriculum design, teaching and learning of mathematics through communicative approaches, socio-emotional skills training, and application of information technologies to the creation of educational guides.

The 22nd International Conference on Educational Science is sponsored for more than a decade by the Center for the Study of Educational Sciences of the University of Camagüey.

Source: Prensa Latina


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