Cuban Art Project for Children with Down Syndrome

Cuban Art Project for Children with Down Syndrome

Cuban Art Project for Children with Down Syndrome

Pinar del Río,  Nov 8  –  Created to teaching engraving to Cuban children with Down Syndrome, the project “With Love and Hope” now includes other art forms, such as dance,drama and voice, program coordinators announced.

The children’s work with colors, cards and presses has produce truly amazing artwork, pristine images which unveiled the hidden genius of these apprentices, said art teacher Jesus Carrete, who directs the initiative.

After holding more than 50 exhibitions of engraving and painting in and outside of Cuba, now the group is performing for diverse audiences, with a show that includes dance, song and excerpts from plays.

“After exploring their potential we decided to broaden the horizons of the group, composed of more than 20 children and teenagers,” Carrete said. “We knew about other experiences in working with students with Down Syndrome, so we opted to experiment with other forms of art,” he said.

These prize-winning artists recently performed at Havana’s Museo de Bellas Artes (Museum of Fine Arts), where they had the opportunity to appreciate the work of similar groups from Venezuela and Costa Rica.

Referring to the early days of the project, Carrete recalled that it was his daughter Lianna who motivated him to turn his home into a workshop/school.

“To begin with, we included several of her classmates, all of them students with disabilities or special educational needs. Their colorful prints show the joy that they feel in creating, and that is the biggest satisfaction for the parents and teachers of this initiative,” he explained.

Source: Prensa Latina


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