Cuban Singer-Songwriter Teresita Fernandez Dies

Cuban Singer-Songwriter Teresita Fernandez Dies

Cuban Singer-Songwriter Teresita Fernandez Dies

Havana, Nov 11  –  Singer-songwriter, whose songs marked several generations of Cubans, died today in this capital at the age of 83.

Original from the central city of Santa Clara, Fernandez composed songs for children that became very popular, as “Mi Gatico Vinagrito” (My Little Cat Vinagrito) and “Lo Feo” (The Ungly), the great poetic sensitivity of which also touched adults.
Graduated as a teacher, Fernandez educated children with songs that transmitted values as respect to others, rejection of discrimination and the virtue of friendship.

Her work has left the mark that left Francisco Gabilondo Soler in Mexico or Maria Elena Walsh in Argentina, and set a precedent to other singer-songwriter women as Liuba Maria Hevia.

She also musicalized the Rondas (singing and dancing around in a circle) of Gabriela Mistral and the poem collection Ismaelillo, written by Jose Marti, accompanied by her inseparable guitar and her sober but captivating charisma.

Her corpse is at the funeral parlor on Calzada y K, in this capital, to where many of her admirers and those who grew up singing songs as Tin Tin, La Lluvia Cayó (Plink Plink, The Rain Has Follen) are going on pilgrimage.

Source: Prensa Latina


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