Comet Ison Visible to Earth Dwellers

Comet Ison Visible to Earth Dwellers

Comet Ison Visible to Earth Dwellers

Washington, Nov 19  –  Comet ISON is visible from Earth, but right now can only be seen in the dark just befcomore dawn, and with the aid of binoculars or a telescope.However, experts are eagerly awaiting its passage near the Sun at a distance of about one billion kilometers on Nov. 28, at which time ISON could shatter into pieces or simply disintegrate from the heat.

But if it does not break up, which many experts say is possible, ISON will approach Earth on Dec. 26 at a distance of 64 million kilometers, and its magnificent luster will be visible from the entire planet in an event that experts describe as unprecedented.

According to scientists, the ball of ice and rock from the Oort Cloud, a group of frozen rocks located billions of miles from the sun, will show a magnificent tail that would make it one of the most amazing comets ever seen.

Scientists also expect that the comet will be as bright as Mars, and some argue it could overtake the Moon. Therefore, we must be vigilant, because given that its orbit is hyperbolic and open, it will be the first and last time that we earth dwellers will be able to observe it.

Still, no one knows what will happen; we can only hope. For now, the comet nucleus remains intact and very active.

Source: Prensa Latina


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