Raul Castro Opens Military Exercises in Cuba

Raul Castro Opens Military Exercises in Cuba

Raul Castro Opens Military Exercises in Cuba

Havana, Nov 19  –  Cuban President Raul Castro opened today here the military strategic drills “Bastion 2013,” which will take place throughout the Cuban territory until November 22.Compatriots, the strategic exercise “Bastion 2013” will be held during the upcoming four days, the also army general and president of the National Defense Council said in a nationally televised speech.

The Cuban president recalled that this exercise was scheduled for November 2012. However, due to damages by the passage of Hurricane Sandy through the eastern provinces, it was necessary to postpone it for the present year.

We suggest to continue raising the level of training and cohesion from directive boards and military commands in all instances, the troops, economy, and the people, to face different enemy actions of the enemy.

The objective is to run rationally Bastion 2013, including the participation of the population in the National Defense Days on November 23 and 24, the Cuban president said.

Tactical maneuvers, soldiers of the armed forces, the Ministry of Interior, reservists, and the people in general, are being involved in these exercises.

Source: Prensa Latina


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