Achieving a Higher Development for Children

Achieving a Higher Development for Children

Achieving a Higher Development for Children

Cuba, Jan. 13 – The boys and girls who are taking a proper preschool education have higher achievements in the cognitive, motor, socio-emotional and language areas. This preparation allows them to face much better their first grade and there are some specialists who state that training helps them not only during their learning period but also in their professional and affective life, as well.

The local nurseries contribute to bring to friction that goal. Moreover, there are 1132 ones nationwide with 124000 children, according to María de los Ángeles Gallo, who is the national director of the preschool education from the Minister of Education, during an interview granted by her to Radio Rebelde station.

María de los Ángeles Gallo also announced that even though the nation has a favorable quantity of teachers, the Havana city registers a lack of them; therefore, it is being looked for alternatives to solve that problem as soon as possible through the training of up to 500 girls who are over 17 years of age that are not studying.

In addition, they would work as teachers in local nurseries who after finishing their first year out of the three ones of their training, they would work in those institutions.

María de los Ángeles also said that there are 94000 children registered in the local Educa a tu Hijo program in the preschool grade of the primary schools and the fact that there are nearly 463000 workers who are trained by nearly 17000 teachers, as well as the presence of approximately 15000 workers who also support the related educational process.

María de los Ángeles added that once the child has ended the preschool grade, then he/she carries out a series of tasks that measure their progress.

“We could state that the children who attend the nurseries show the 97.4 of achievements. Moreover, it is a parameter that covers all the child´s period through that type of education.” María de los Ángeles said.

“At present, the work is aimed at achieving the fact that type of education could be part of the Cuban educational system and it covers five working lines that are conceived for the change of the evaluation system through new organizing alternatives that will be experienced through new curriculums, the proper coordination that should be achieved with the primary and the special education through the years of that type of teaching, as well as the teacher´s proper training.” María de los Ángeles commented.

María de los Ángeles said that the child´s proper-educational training at those ages cover all the spheres of his/her life, as well as the training from the intellectual, health, hygienic, physic and aesthetical point of view.

Finally, she said that achievement would not belong to the local educational institutions only as it is also a responsibility of the local families, so the challenge is precisely to narrow the links with the educational institutions whether they could be teachers of the nurseries, the female teachers of the preschool grade in the primary schools or the staff carrying out the Educa a tu hijo program in view of achieving a proper training to encourage the learning through the different knowledge areas in their children.

Source: Radio Rebelde

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