Florida´s Literary Club Encourages Study of Jose Marti´s Ideas

jose-martiWritten by: Ariadna Alvarez Lima

Florida, Jan. 17 – Making of tha Jose Marti we know a palpable and long-lasting  human being was the main objective of the activity carried out by  literary club “In Family”,  in Florida with the participation of members of the National Association of the deaf ( ANSOC), the Association of people with Physical and Motor Disabilities ( ACLIFIM) and the National Association of the blind(ANCI).

The event was attended by Isabel Acosta, Director of the municipal literary Center  and the pedagogue René Bajuelos Sosa, as special guests, who debated about Jose Marti personal values, life and passions.

The house of  internationalist fighter Hector Alfonso Lima hosted this time the meeting, as a symbolic site where the participants multiplied personal criteria, anecdotes, stories and poems related to Jose Marti.

The participants in the literary club “In Family” agreed on the need that each Cuban follow the example of Jose Marti being a hero of these times because of his moral and daily commitment with duty.

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