Ivan Rodriguez Welcomes Cuba in the Caribbean Baseball Serie

Ivan Rodriguez Welcomes Cuba in the Caribbean Baseball Serie

Ivan Rodriguez Welcomes Cuba in the Caribbean Baseball Serie

Porlamar, Venezuela, Feb. 1  –  The legendary catcher Ivan Rodriguez today welcomed Cuba to the Caribbean Baseball Series and said the team of his country, the Indios de Mayagüez, is able to give fight.

In an aside with Cuban media in Lidotel hotel in this city, Pudge (as is known worldwide the “boricua” catcher ) said that Cuba deserves to be at events like this, and others that may arise from now on. It is a pleasure that is participating, he added.

Rodriguez commented that Cuban teams are always welcome to these tournaments. Next year the series will be in Puerto Rico and I hope Cuba will be present because, I repeat, it should be in these tournaments, hopefully this is the beginning for final reinstatement.

The former player in Major League Baseball is located in Margarita Island as general manager of the Indios de Mayagüez, champion of the professional league of the island. The team is fine, fairly complete, added a few things more like several players and pitchers to be ready to compete, the important thing is to compete, he said.

During his career in the majors, the flannel Pudge defended several franchises, including the Florida Marlins, which won the 2003 World Series.

For most experts, Podge is among the top three recipients of baseball history, a distinction based on 13 Gold Gloves during his career of 21 seasons in the Major Leagues in the United States (achieved an incredible string of 10 those individual titles between 1992 and 2001).

He also won in 1999 the title of Most Valuable Player of the American League and assisted in 14 -time All- Star, in addition to winning seven Silver Slugger awards to the best young batsman circuit.

Source: Prensa Latina

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