Cuban Chef Hopes to Win Int’l Cuisine Contest

Cuban Chef Hopes to Win Int'l Cuisine Contest

Cuban Chef Hopes to Win Int’l Cuisine Contest

Havana, Feb 13.- Cuban chef Jorge L. Mendez, an expert and advisor at the Cuban Tourism Ministry, hopes to win the Gourmand World Cookbook Award contest, with his book “Hablando con la boca llena” (Talking with your mouth full).

The volume, which illustrates Cuban culinary traditions, was launched by the Boloña publishing house at the Havana Historian’s Office. Cuban sommelier Yamir Pelegrino won the competition in 2006.

Mendez’ book is a gastronomic dictionary with varieties, tradition, recipes, curiosities and a country’s varied culinary panorama. The jury will deliberate on May 20-21 in the Chinese capital of Beijing.

The competition has international prestige and rotates venues around the world. It is considered a kind of Oscar award for books dedicated to gastronomy, with prizewinners from the traditional gastronomic centers like France and Spain.

Source: (Prensa Latina)


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