Havana Marti Theater Reopens Doors

Havana Marti Theater Reopens Doors

Havana Marti Theater Reopens Doors

Havana, Feb 24  –  The emblematic Marti Theater, located in this capital, reopens its doors today after an intensive recovery labor of its architectonic values by the Havana Historian’s Office.After its closure at the late 60s of last century, the building underwent an accelerated process of destruction, to the point that the stone façade was only preserved when restoration works began in 2005 in the area of the entrance of public.

Later, constructive actions included the entrance where the front curtain hangs from there to back, until the construction of a new machinery tower and the updating of the technology according to the modern requirements, Marilyn Mederos, general designer of the works, said.

In statements to the press, the expert stated that among the main actions is the reconstruction of original façade joints, reproduced as of some external and internal rails still preserved.

After its opening on June 8, 1884, the neoclassic building was baptized with the surname of its owner, Irijoa, later in 1899, Enrique Pastoriza bought the theater and called it “Eden Garden,” until it was re-baptized in 1990 with the surname of the Cuban national hero: Marti (Jose).

Source: Prensa Latina


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