Dominicana, Cuba Srengthen Friendship in Act for Historical Event

Dominicana, Cuba Srengthen Friendship in Act for Historical Event

Dominicana, Cuba Srengthen Friendship in Act for Historical Event

Montecristi, Dominican Republic, Mar 24  – The historical ties of brotherhood and solidarity between the Dominican Republic and Cuba were even more deep here at an event commemorating the 119 anniversary of the signing of the Manifesto of Montecristi.The same place where the Cuban National Hero Jose Marti and the Dominican patriot Maximo Gomez signed the document, on March 25, 1895, hosted on Sunday eve dozens of friends of both countries.

“Continue strengthening the relations between our peoples with great affection of his people,” called Roberto Payano, outgoing national coordinator of the Dominican-Cuba Solidarity Campaign.

Payano denounced the actions of the U.S. economic, commercial and financial blockade against Cuba, and especially its extraterritorial character, by which he called his fellow friends from Cuba to not use the services of the oil company Shell, branches of Scotia bank and Princesmart markets, coupled with the policy of the U.S. administration.

“Today we are celebrating again the strong ties of solidarity between the two countries that have fought together for their emancipation,” stressed governor of the province Saida Immaculada Tejeda.

Gomez and Marti, two of the most important men in universal history, were the Titans of Freedom, she said before quoting text fragments, considered the program of the Cuban struggle against Spanish colonialism from the February 24, 1895.

During the event, it was also supported the Venezuelan revolution and the government of President Nicolas Maduro and denounced the violent attacks of the opposition who have the backing of U.S. imperialism.

Venezuela is treading the path of independence to prevent U.S. imperialism seizes again our people, said Deputy Education Minister Luis de León.

The Ambassador of Cuba, Alexis Bandrich stressed that the Washington administration does not respect the decision of the majority of Venezuelans who have opted to build socialism.

Source: Prensa Latina


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