Fidel and Raul granted by Verde Olivo magazine

Fidel and Raul granted by Verde Olivo magazine

Fidel and Raul granted by Verde Olivo magazine

Cuba, april, 12 – La Casa Editorial Verde Olivo, on its s 55th birthday , he recognized the historical leader Fidel Castro Revolution and the President of the Councils of State and Ministers Raul Castro with diplomas that were collected by the first deputy minister of the FAR General of Army Alvaro Lopez Miera .

As reported by Radio Reloj, in the ceremony held at the Ministry of the Revolutionary Armed Forces (MINFAR), the origins of Verde Olivo recalled, created on April 10, 1959, and the support by Camilo and Che publication, designed to educate the people politically and the Rebel Army, which was the official organ.

Certificates of recognition were also given to the founders, as their name Eduardo Yasells  Ferrer praised he presence of the magazine on newsstands for the enjoyment of the public and on the web.

He also praised the high level and the youth labor collective has now endowed with new information technology that the founders never dreamed.
Meanwhile the Cuban News Agency stresses in its report that Brigadier G

eneral S. Aparicio Efren Benavides recalled Verde Olivo recounted moments from the Revolution, as the October Crisis, the Bay of Pigs epic , and internationalist involvement Cuban forces in African continent.

He mentioned that it was the first Cuban edition closed its publication in 1990 , in early called Special Period , and resurfaced in 2007 to continue reporting the events of the patriotic forces , among other important events in the nation.

The cultural moment closure featured performances from awarded actors Aurora Basnuevo and Mario Limonta , and young talented artists Habana Classic Company , among other artists.

Source: Portal of the Cuban Radio

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