Return of 400 Peruvian Doctors Graduated in Cuba

Return of 400 Peruvian Doctors Graduated in Cuba

Return of 400 Peruvian Doctors Graduated in Cuba

Lima, April 12  –  Over 400 Peruvian doctors graduated in Cuba will return to their country in the coming months, as an expression of bilateral cooperation, said the head of the Institute of Health Services Management and former Minister of Public Health, Oscar Ugarte.

The Peruvian official stressed that the doctors were trained in the Caribbean nation without costing anything to Peru and previously 2,000 graduated there in the same condition.

Ugarte made the reference when highlighting the importance of the Cuban cooperation in this field, in a report on the work that will meet 42 Cuban medical professionals that recently arrived and have high professional qualifications.

Ugarte recalled that the Cuban collaboration is part of a bilateral agreement signed in 1999 and explained that the new group of doctors in the country will provide technical assistance in areas that the country needs strengthening, as specialization in transplants.

The senior official recalled that in 2007 a brigade of Cuban doctors came to Peru to assist the victims of an earthquake that struck the southern region of Ica and spent three years. In 1991 and 1992 another came to fight cholera epidemic.

Cuban health care dates back to 1970, when a brigade came to meet the victims of a major earthquake in the northern region of Ancash.

Source: Prensa Latina


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