Cuban Bio-Therapeutic Drug Against Cancer Presented in Bolivia

Cuban Bio-Therapeutic Drug Against Cancer Presented in Bolivia

Cuban Bio-Therapeutic Drug Against Cancer Presented in Bolivia

La Paz, Apr 15  –  Bolivian Heath Minister Juan Carlos Calvimontes presented the drug Vidatox 30Ch, made by the Cuban company LABIOFAM as a bio-therapeutic homeopathic drug.

The medicine can avoid the undesirable symptoms caused by medicine and radiation used in treatments for those with cancer, he said.

Calvimontes said that patients treated with chemotherapy or radiation remain in a deplorable general condition after the sessions, as a consequence of the impact of that treatment, and this medicine helps resolve that problem.

He announced that the drug will remain in the hands of specialists in Oncology and the medical associations of the country for its application.

He also said he was sure that the medicine would favor the population suffering from cancer, because it will give them better living conditions and the ability to develop their activities normally.

This drug is the only one of its kind and is a truly positive contribution for the people of Bolivia, said Calvimontes.

The medicine was created using the active ingredient in the poison of the Rhopalurus Junceus scorpion, endemic to Cuba, and has been used for centuries on the island as a traditional remedy for pain, inflammation and neoplasia or carcinogenic tumors.

A 15-year testing process proved that the substance relieves pain, stops and inhibits growth of carcinogenic tumors and cuts blood irrigation from a tumo, while hindering expansion and reproduction of carcinogenic cells from the organ of origin.

Source: Prensa Latina

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