Cienfuegos the Cuban City That Celebrates 195 Years

Cienfuegoscelebrated 195 anniversaryfoundationWorld Heritage SiteUNESCO

Cienfuegoscelebrated 195 anniversaryfoundationWorld Heritage SiteUNESCO

Cienfuegos, Apr 23 –  The south-central city of Cienfuegos celebrated today the 195 anniversary of its foundation in the ninth year of being declared World Heritage Site, category granted by UNESCO.

According to the tradition, a group of actors performed the founding act in the place where, under the shadow of a majagua tree, the French-born Spanish military Luis De Clouet officiated the opening ceremony on April 22, 1819.

The notes of Cienfuegos Anthem, written on the occasion of the centenary celebrations, set the martial tone of the event that opened Cienfuegos Culture Week, 250 kilometers southeast of the capital.

Architect Irán Millán, director of the Curator’s Office of the City, gave Eduardo Coll, president of the Municipal Government, the memories of the restoration and conservation works of the historical center carried out during the last 12 months.

The condition of Distinguished Citizen to the baseball player Antonio Muñoz, former captain of the national team, and the Shield of the City to the teacher Félix Colina, were granted by the municipal government body in the ceremony.

In the facade of the Provincial Museum, former Spanish Casino (1984), the flag of the town and a fabric with the text of the foundation act of the colony Fernandina de Jagua were raised, original urban core that 10 years later adopted its current name.

The planting of a jagua tree, species that appears in the shield of the city, and a tribute to the founder in the tomb that holds his remains in the cemetery Tomás Acea (National Monument) completed the official acts.

For the night, a concert of trobadours in the centenary theater Tomás Terry is scheduled, in charge of the Novo brothers, considered the musical chroniclers of the city, known as the Pearl of the South.

Source: Prensa Latina

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