Actor Who Played Saint-Laurent at Film Festival in Cuba

Actor Who Played Saint-Laurent at Film Festival in Cuba

Actor Who Played Saint-Laurent at Film Festival in Cuba

Havana, Apr 25  –  Pierre Niney, French actor who recently played the role of fashion designer Yves Saint-Laurent (1936-2008), stands out among the guests to the coming 17th Festival of French Cinema in Havana.

The interpreter will visit this city to present, along with François-Xavier Demaison, the film Comme des frÿres (Like Brothers) by Hugo Gelin, (2012), which will open the second largest festival dedicated to French cinema outside French territory.

Niney was only 21 years old when he entered the Comedie Francaise, the legendary theater company founded in 1680, and for his role in Gelin’s film he was nominated for the César award and won the Patrick Dewaere.

His interpretation of the legendary couturier of Algerian origin gave him another Dewaere this year,an award that honors the deceased actor and distinguishes the young performers of the French-speaking area.

In addition to Niney and Demaison, Gelin and filmmakers Simon Brook and Ruben Alves, the latter known for his film The Golden Cage.

By Francois Truffaut, the legendary director (1932-1984) will be exhibited four remastered movies and a Blue-ray copy, including his classic Les quatre cents coups (The 400 Blows) (1959), to be screened in several movie theaters of this capital.

The Festival will exhibit 20 titles, 10 of them are premieres and several excellently-made documentaries, because as organizer Antonio Mazón said, “there are no space for commercial cinema here”.

Scheduled from May 2 to 25, this event maintains its tradition of bringing luxury guests, like last year, when came the mime Pierre Etaix and the actress Sandrine Bonnaire.

Source: Prensa Latina

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