Camagüey, “a Team of Men and not of Names”

Camagüey, "a Team of Men and not of Names"

Camagüey, “a Team of Men and not of Names”

Florida, april 26 – Yesterday afternoon in the municipality  of Florida, there was an exchange between representatives of sports clubs and directors of the National Institute of Sports, Physical Education and Recreation (INDER) with the new  manager of the Camagüey baseball team, Esteban Lombillo, where they discuss plans and strategies for incresing  the results of this province in the cuban national game.

With a great experience  leading teams, Lombillo achieved that the team of
the old Habana province won the national title in 48th  Cuban Baseball Season.

Also, in the same year, he led the national team in the 2009 World Cup, where Cuba finished in the second place and he also leaded teams of all levels and categories.

Esteban Lombillo will be also working with Lazaro Valle, as pitching coach, as part of baseball strategy  to update the team from the technical-tactical point of view.

Written by: Isniel Alonso Cardenas

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