Switzerland-Cuba Association Decries Zunzuneo Subversive Project

Switzerland-Cuba Association Decries Zunzuneo Subversive Project

Switzerland-Cuba Association Decries Zunzuneo Subversive Project

Geneva, Apr 26.- The Switzerland-Cuba association Geneva’s section condemned the secret program of the United States Agency for International Assistance (USAID), called Zunzuneo, which was targeted at boosting subversion and destabilization in the Caribbean country.

It is evident that the US government does not give up its effort to destroy the Cuban Revolution, if necessary by the flagrant violation of the national legislation, and the international regulations, noted the organization in a communique released today.

Recently the Associated Press agency revealed the creation by USAID of a social network like Twitter in Cuba, which functioned between 2010 and 2012 that was targeted to create an artificial opposition and launch demonstrations calls to foment the outbreak of a political crisis.

Through this project, mainly aimed at the youth, were collected private data of subscribers to be used with political aims, recalled the association and added that the users never realized that the service was created by the US government.

It is shamefulness to see that Zunzuneo is not the only platform created with that purpose but others can be also mentioned such as Piramideo, Martinoticias and Cuban Journal, which remain active, pointed out the association.

Once again the Geneva’s section of the Switzerland-Cuba Association once again joins the Cuban people in the denunciation of this type of illegal and covered actions also rejected by the international public opinion.

The release added that the US government must respect the international right and purposes and principles of the UN charter and put end to this type of actions.

Source:  Prensa Latina

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