Cuban Judo Teams Win Gold and Silver in Pan-American Championship

Cuban Judo Teams Win Gold and Silver in Pan-American Championship

Cuban Judo Teams Win Gold and Silver in Pan-American Championship

Cuba, april 28 – The Cuban women’s and men’s national judo teams won gold and silver medals, in that order, in the Pan American tournament held in Guayaquil, having Brazil as opponent in the finals in both cases.

Ronaldo Vetía, Cuban women’s coach, told AIN that his disciples beat 3-2 the Brazilians, while the host squad and Mexico reached bronze medals.

Veitía added his team also defeated U.S. and Venezuela, with scores of 5-0 and 3-2, in that order.

Meanwhile, Justo Noda, Cuban men’s coach, reported that they lost 1-4 in the final against Brazil, while the United States and Mexico won the bronze medals.

In the individual contest the first place went to the Brazilians, who reached one bronze medal more than the Cubans, who managed to win seven gold, four silver and four bronze medals.

The seven Cuban champions were Maricet Espinosa (63 kilograms), Yalennis Castillo (78), Idalis Ortiz (+78), Jose Armenteros (100), María Celia Laborde (48), Yandri Torres (55) and Dayaris Mestre (44 ).

Yanet Bermoy (52), Magdiel Estrada (73), Andy Granda (90) and Oscar Brayson (+100) were runners up, while, Aliuska Ojeda (57), Janier Peña (60) Gilberto Solar (66) and Ivan Silva (81) won bronze medals.

The competition was attended by 266 judokas from 23 countries, including several Olympic and world medalists of the Pan American region.

Source: Radio Rebelde

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