Fidel Castro, A Man Who Made History, Honored in Argentina

Fidel Castro, A Man Who Made History, Honored in Argentina

Fidel Castro, A Man Who Made History, Honored in Argentina

Buenos Aires, Apr 29  – With the launch of the book “Fidel, One History, Five Opinions,” the week dedicated to highlighting in Argentina the political stature, work, and ideas of the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution has concluded in this capital.

The compilation was launched yesterday evening at the International Book Fair in Buenos Aires, attended by Alex Castro, one of the five photographers included in the exhibition, with speeches from national legislator Juan Carlos Junio, the rector of the National University of Quilmes, Mario Lozano, and Cuban ambassador Jorge Lamadrid.

Fidel Castro and the Cuban Revolution “changed history in a very short time and made the concept of anti-imperialism with a Latin American content a practical matter,” legislator Junio stated.

His ideas and practical work were “a great nutrient that changed our lives and thoughts, and should remain so,” he stressed.

“This book reflects the life journey of a great man, a great revolutionary, a great humanist who devoted himself to the cause of justice and solidarity,” Junio said.

For Lozano, Fidel Castro and the Revolution he carried out with the Cuban people provide an example of the continental dignity and the motivation for all revolutionaries in Latin America.”

Lozano highlighted the projects of technical and technological cooperation his institution is carrying out with Cuban centers, such as the development of a monoclonal antibody drug to treat lung cancer.

Source: Prensa Latina

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