Earthquake this May 1st in Florida

Earthquake this May 1st in Florida

Earthquake this May 1st in Florida

Florida, May 1st – Workers and all the people in Florida will march to the “Ñico Lopez” Square again this May Day, and we will do this, not only by conscience and conviction to stand together and united in defense of a  more efficient, prosperous and sustainable socialism, but to make the ground really shake under the boots of our strength, as cuban President Raúl Castro requested …
That telluric force will be formed here by a compact mass of men and women, workers in the state and non-State sector, younger students, soldiers, pensioners, housewives, pioneers and farmers, willing to defend overall integrity of the homeland and independence fully achieved by this town since more than half a century.

The celebration for the International Workers’ Day around the world brings to us strategic and special meanings:
Cubans are not marching today to demand employment rights, or to report employer abuses, we will do it willingly, to ratify the support to the revolution, the party, Government and historical leadership of a socialism itself, human, indigenous, perfectible and only guarantor of greatest conquests that can pretend to any  worthy person…

Cubans advance towards the square with the moral and pride of knowing respected, loved and admired by millions of people and inhabitants of the planet, which we helped in difficult times  savung lives, fighting to make them free of colonial yoke and  bringing health and wellness to the poor in the most inhospitable parts of the world.

The children of this rebellious nation by inheritance, and a political culture forged in the daily struggle against hatred and lies of the most powerful empire in history, in our way we will make clear that in Cuba there will not “spring” like in the Libyan style, Ukrainian, or Egyptian.

The village that has in its ranks men as the Five antiterrorist fighters who have been beared more than 15 years of unjust imprisonment without bending; the people who overcame the toughest shortages of the Special Period without destroying or demobilize; the people who know how much blood, pain and death costs to conquer freedom; and you know the true face of the enemy can NOT be fooled by the siren song of unbridled, their lackeys and some confused by outside inside.

The working class and the peasants of the island will remain the masters of their own fate regardless. It is true that same path now requires greater discipline and economic efficiency, better wages, more food production, clever combat corruption and other bad habits incompatible with the social system chosen by ourselves, by discipline and community, including class actions and Government …

Overcoming challenges requires the active participation of the people and the workers here believe its true power and strength to break and banish our troubles and multiply the fruits coming out of the daily delivery of duty in every place: in the groove in industry, school, neighborhood, community, town and country ..

Our country belongs to everyone, and continue growing, overcoming challenges and improving their space “with all and for the good of all” as the Apostle José Martí said, who also warned about the dangers and consequences of meeting people who forget their memory, sell your story, or they are drawn by the glitter of gold and the false light of sequins …

No doubt the earth will tremble in Florida and the rest of the Cuban nation this May Day because the social security, the right to health and free education, guaranty of retirement, happiness and smiles of children, equality of women, the decline in infant mortality, care for the sick, the opportunities to break through here are not a promise, are inclusive and palpable reality …

The filled square, thousands of voices and hundreds of reasons accompany the truth of Florida and Cuba.Nothing and nobody can stop the will of our people, born of battle and love of justice!
Previous generations led by Carlos Manuel de Céspedes, Ignacio Agramonte, Julio Antonio Mella, Villena and Frank Pais, the heroes and martyrs of the Bay of Pigs, Fidel and Raul, moved to present the flags of the Revolution, virtuous, victorious and flaming.

The  New Generation, workers of this time and the future has the mision to lift these flags to the top and  dignify it, to always serve and adjust the pedestal independence of proletarian internationalism and prosperous and sustainable socialism we will always defend.
Long live May Day!

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