Cuba:to Host Regional Conference Against Homophobia

Cuba:to Host Regional Conference Against Homophobia

Cuba:to Host Regional Conference Against Homophobia

Havana, May 6  – The 6th Regional Conference of the International Gay, Lesbians, Bisexual, Transexual and Intersexuals Association in Latin America and the Caribbean (ILGALAC) will be in Cuba, and is an expression of the respect to the diversity in the region.

So it was said in a press conference by Mariela Castro Espin, director in the city of Havana of the National Sexual Education Center (CENESEX) and president of the Organizing Committee of the 7th Day against Homophobia, for the unity of Latin America and the Caribbean for the rights of gays, lesbians, bisexual, transexual and intersexual people.

Mariela Castro said Cuba has the objective to keep on the progress in the process of dialogue in the national society, to achieve a real change.

“The fundamental thing, is to keep the dialogue and strengthen it at all levels, influencing the legislative changes in the country, the Penal Code, the Family Code,” said Castro Espin.

Castro Espin said the new Labor Code of Cuba guarantees there is no discrimination because of sexual orientation.

It is, she pointed out , the first concrete judicial expression of the political will expressed in the first conference of the Communist Party of Cuba to go forward in the confrontation to all forms of discrimination.

According to the organizers of the 7th Cuban Day against Homofobia, the celebration of the 6th Regional Conference of Ilgalac in Varadero, Cuba, constitutes a recognition to the advances of this Caribbean country in the promotion of respect to the free sexual orientation and gender identity.

Founded in 1978, ILGALAC is the only non-governmental international association community-based, centered in achieving the equality of rights for lesbians, gays, bisexual, trans and intersexuals.

Last December, in the frame of the International Day of the Human Rights, the ILGALAC Regional Office was inaugurated in Buenos Aires.

The 7th Cuban Day against Homofobia will include educational, recreational, cultural, sport activities and training with a social focus.

The objective is to contribute to the education of the whole society, with emphasis in the family and youth, in the respect to the right to the free and responsible sexual orientation and gender identity, as exercise of fairness and justice.

Source: Prensa Latina


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