Eating One´s Nails: A Hidden Danger

Eating One´s Nails: A Hidden Danger

Eating One´s Nails: A Hidden Danger

Cuba,  may 8  –  Even the named given to the ugly habit about eating the human nails is unpleasant: onicofagy which is not only attributable to the childhood given it is also part of the adults who are not able to suppress that unattractive and bad habit.

It is undoubtedly that the onicofagy´s main danger is the fact that it constitutes a source for the parasitic, bacterial, and infections transmission, as well as the transmission of viruses, fungus, among others with its worst consequences in relation to moving to the oral cavity. I am not exaggerating; it is good to remember that there are many people who have not a proper personal hygiene by not taking into account the fact about washing their hands after doing their physiological needs or after using them as a cover when coughing.

Another complication would be the stomatology affectation given the jaws´ compulsory position and the teeth´s contact which causes wears, including some pain in the join´s articulations.

It is logical that such huge risk could not be valued properly by those children who are playing in parks and streets, even with animals, so the use of punishments is simply useless, let alone lectures which could contribute to avoid that habit.

It is worth knowing that them; especially the girls usually get rid of that habit when they reach the age of presumptuousness which is an occasion when they like to paint their nails by watching them to grow and that is another enriching element of their self-esteem.

The adolescence period also helps boys when they began feeling in love, so it is not advisable for them to have their fingers with removed nails and smelling of spit.

Regarding the adults, they have the compulsory necessity about eliminating the onicofagy, taking into consideration their working image as doctors, stomatologist, gastronomic personnel and so on; therefore, it is convenient to see a psychologist who could recommend the use of proper medicines and the practice of techniques like the yoga one which helps reducing the stress.


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