Cuban Hotel Chain Shows its Potential at Tourism Fair

Cuban Hotel Chain Shows its Potential at Tourism Fair

Cuban Hotel Chain Shows its Potential at Tourism Fair

Cuba, may 9 –  Islazul Hotelier Group, which is widely presented in Cuban geography, will use the recently opened 2014 International Tourism Fair to publicize its prospects this year.

With more than 11,000 rooms in nearly 100 installations, the hotel chain plans to increase its offerings catalog from a review of a wide range of products and methods that can place it among those preferred by Cuban and foreign tourists.

Niurka Valdés, Islazul International Business Manager, told ACN news agency that the group is immersed in an investment process which aims to recover and extend several facilities, and hence diversifying the services that can be offered to a client by having hotels in city, beach and nature environments.

It is a point at which we have been very affected because we have several facilities that are experiencing hard times, and that has given an unfavorable image, but it is undeniable that Islazul prices are tempting and very economical, she said.

Valdés noted that the chain ranges from the All Inclusive modality, the style and elegance of Encanto Hotels, up to the long-stay apartments and houses on the beach, to what it must be added the effort to raise the quality and professionalism standards of its workers.

Regarding the prospects the new Foreign Investment Law envisions for Islazul, she told they already count with the interest of entrepreneurs in other countries and they are currently holding talks on common interests.

The first thing is to maintain what we already have, Valdés added, hence we must go slowly injecting resources into the facilities and services, and only with that method we can be in tune with the demands of today’s customer who knows and is more demanding.

This fair serves us well, it helps to show on short term and directly what we are doing and why we are working as well as being a communication and experiences exchange bridge, the manager said.

For the 2014 summer season, Islazul seeks to highlight its traditional offerings for the whole family, which characterize it as one of the closest to the national tourists.

Source: Radio Rebelde


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