Cuba and South Africa Celebrate Two Decades of Strong Friendship

Cuba and South Africa Celebrate Two Decades of Strong Friendship

Cuba and South Africa Celebrate Two Decades of Strong Friendship

HAVANA,  May 12  –  South Africa considers of great importance bilateral relations of friendship and cooperation with Cuba and is willing to keep strengthening such links at all levels, said South African ambassador to Havana Naptal Manana during a ceremony marking the 20 th anniversary of the end of Apartheid and the establishment of bilateral diplomatic relations with the island.

Ambassador Manana thanked Cuba for its support during Angola and Namibia’s liberation struggle and to put an end to the former South African segregation regime. Cubans did not go to Africa to plunder or steal our resources, on the contrary, they helped us to conquer freedom and justice, the ambassador stressed.

He also appreciated bilateral cooperation in the academic field and different services, as well as the permanent mutual support in the international arena.

The diplomat also referred to the recent electoral process in South Africa, in which the African National Congress of Nelson Mandela keeps the lead.

Meanwhile, Cuba’s first deputy foreign minister Marcelino Medina ratified the strong friendship uniting the two peoples and thanked the firm support to Cuba in the battle for the lifting of the US economic blockade of Cuba and for the return to the island of the Cuban anti-terrorist fighters still held in US prisons.

The ceremony, which was held at the Cuban Foreign Ministry, was headed by the second secretary of the Cuban Communist Party and country’s vice-president Jose Ramon Machado Ventural.

Source: ACN



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